Today I’m going to show you the quickest, easiest and BEST way to make money online in 2018.

There are literally 100’s of different ways to make money online. Unfortunately, most of them are either scams or a complete waste of time unless you want a little extra money for gas or a cup of coffee.

Others take a huge amount of investment or technical skills to set up.

In this article, you’re  going to learn how we made over $8,000 in just 3 weeks in a way that anybody can replicate!

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So, if you’ve ever typed “how to make money online” into a google search….(and I presume you have) you’ve probably come across the usual crap

of online surveys, get paid for searching the web, start your own blog, email processing………and the list goes on.

The truth is that these things can make you a few $$ here and there…….but ultimately they’re a waste of time and will never make you more than a couple of dollars a month.

I want to show you how to make money online that will change your life, clear all your debt and allow you to quit your 9-5.

To make any serious money online you’re going to have to invest some time, usually a few dollars and shift your mindset to realize what’s possible and what you’re capable of.

One of the most profitable online revenue streams we have is online affiliate marketing.

So for those of you that don’t know, affiliate marketing is where you promote a company or individuals product in exchange for a commission.

A good example of a company with an affiliate program is Amazon. You can promote any products on Amazon using an affiliate link that you’re given. When somebody purchases a product from that link, Amazon will pay you 7% commission.

Now, there are plenty of people who have made a lot of money as an Amazon affiliate, but it requires a serious amount of work building affiliate websites, writing articles, acquiring backlinks and a whole tonne of other stuff I won’t go into here.

Not to mention, they only pay 7% commission, so you’ll have to make a whole lot of sales before you can say goodbye to your 9-5.

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So how did we make over $8k in 3 weeks with affiliate marketing: Well, later in this video, I’m going to show you exactly the product we used, but first I want you to understand the key factors in why we chose this product and why it’s so successful.

Key factor 1 is finding DIGITAL products you can affiliate with. Digital products cost almost nothing to produce, so companies can offer MUCH bigger commission to affiliates. In some cases up tp 60%. That means you need less sales to make more money.

Key factor 2 is you want products that are “evergreen” or, always in high demand. An excellent example of an “evergreen” digital product would be education and training products that teach people how to build an online business and make money online.

Or a weight loss & fitness program teaching people how to lose weight or build muscle. People will always want to earn more money and they’ll always want to look good, so these kinds of products are always in demand and are considered “evergreen”.

Key factor 3 is finding High Ticket products. High Tickets products are products that are higher end, more expensive products. You can make a lot more money, much faster, getting one sale of a $2000 product at 60% commissions, than you can with 20 sales of a $30 product.

The last key factor is SUPPORT,  you need a company that gives you all the tools, ads, sales scripts, and training you need in order to make sales.

Unfortunately, most companies leave you on your own once you become and affiliate and it’s entirely up to you to figure out how to sell the product online.

So finding a company that’s going to hold you by the hand, coach you and gives you all the tools you need to make sales of their product is super rare………..but SUPER important, especially if you’re just getting started as an affiliate marketer.

So what’s this company that offers up to 60% commissions, on high ticket, evergreen products, and offers all the tools and coaching affiliates need to make sales????

Well, let’s hop on over to my computer now and I’ll show you.

So the name of the company is Legendary Marketer and right now we’re in our affiliate back office.

So as you can see, these are the commissions we’ve been able to generate over the last 3 weeks with this system.

And the reason we’ve been able to generate so much money so quickly is that of the 4 key factors I just went through.

We have Digital Products……so we have high 60% commissions.

We have an evergreen product that people want

We have high ticket products to earn a lot from just 1 sale

And CRUCIALLY we have the support from the company.

Let me show you what I mean…………

So, did you learn something new about making money online in 2018?

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