“Your content marketing strategy should attract ONLY the perfect prospects for your business”

If you are a beginner with content marketing this might be one of your biggest challenges.

Now take a second to relax because creating content is not really as difficult as it sounds. If of course, you follow the  strategy that you will learn today as this really simplifies everything.

You will have dozens of super-targeted subjects to create content around that will attract only the perfect prospects for your business.

What Is Content Marketing?


First of all creating content basically means creating anything valuable that will provide real help your prospects.

Usually, it includes blogs articles, video training, blueprints, case studies and more.

But you need to realize that you actually have to create really valuable content as this will separate you from the mass.

And by valuable content, I don’t mean a lame training that is basically a sales pitch in disguised.

But for some really valuable trainings and articles that will genuinely help your prospects.

In this article you will learn exactly how to find exactly what you are customers want to learn.

And of course you will learn how to choose content that you can actually provide your own knowledge.

So make sure to read the entire article.

Content Creation Strategy – The Most Common Mistake!


A large number of people will tell you to head over a content-finder website such as BuzzSumo and find the most trending posts.

And then simply model them or create relevant content.

Sure that can be a really good idea but in reality that really depends on your niche.

If you belong into a broad niche then this can help you find content ideas.

But there is a better way to attract only the best prospects for your business because at the end of the day is all about our ROI (Return On Investment).

If you really want to attract the right people to your business you need to be specific with your content marketing.

You need to understand, that our job is NOT to get likes and shares by random people.

Actually any kind of share, like, comment is kinda useless for any business if at the end of they day our ROI is negative.

What we are looking for is super targeted prospect in our businesses that we can provide them with relevant content.

Our content should ALWAYS stay relevant to our business and our offers as we want to attract only the PERFECT prospects.

And if our content marketing is directly relevant to our business then the people who will go through it will probably be interested in becoming our clients.

So with out content marketing what we are looking for is somehow the exact opposite of going viral. (In a strange way).

We want to filter out all the people who are not qualified to work with us as they will end up wasting our time and possibly our money through our advertisements.

How To Come Up With Super-Targeted Content?


To come up with super-targeted subject ideas around your content creation that will attract only the perfect prospect we will use the Milestone System.

The Milestone Diagram is basically a simple framework that describes the series of steps that a prospect has to go through to escape from a problem and arrive at the solution (Our product).

We basically write down what is the solution that our product/service can provide to the the consumer.

The starting point is where the consumer wants to escape from (the problem) and the ending point where he wants to arrive to (the solution).

We want to write down each milestone/steps that the prospect must go through in order to arrive at the solution. In this first framework, we only write down the core milestones/steps.

Let’s see an example below:

Let’s say that you are into the fitness niche and you are selling information products such as training courses, weight plans etc.

Normally your prospects want to escape from being unfit to getting basically fit and improving their health.

First we want to write down the Milestones: Content marketing

We now have the core milestones that a prospect has to go through in order to become fit. (The above is an example I am not into the health niche)

Now the next step is to choose 3 or even more milestones that we feel we are best at.

If you have a lot of milestones, normally you will not have knowledge on every single one.

So out of all the milestones, we will only chose the ones that we have the most knowledge.

These will be our Core Pillars for our content marketing.

And our content will be strictly revolved around those milestones / subjects. (get it now?)

So let’s say our Core Pillars is Exercises, Supplements, and Diets: Content marketing

We will now create another Escape and Arrive Framework for each Core Pillar.

And once again we will break them down into more mini milestones.

In our Supplements example it can be: Content marketing

And then you continue breaking down each Milestone again into more micro-milestones.

Take a look at how many subjects we now have to start creating content using just one simple framework.

All you need to do is simply follow your Millestones.

This is a great and efficient easy way to come up with super-targeted content that will attract only the perfect prospect for your business.

And of course you will never run out of ideas.

Download The Escape – Arrive Templates Here So You Can Start Adding Your Milestones


Content Marketing: The Conclusion 


Content marketing in 2018 is really important for any business, online or offline.

And if you are not currently using it, you should consider implementing it into your marketing strategy.

Your content should include Emails, YouTube Videos, Funnel Videos (with a CTA), Blog Articles, Podcasts, Presentations, Offline Newsletters and even more.

If hope you found this method of coming up with super-targeted content that will attract the best clients for your business, useful.

Comment below your thoughts and questions.

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