How To Get Started With Email Marketing


How do you start with email marketing and start generating leads to put in front of your offers?

In this post you will learn the first steps to get started with email marketing.

If you read and apply those steps then you will be entering your online marketing game in a very successful way.

This is the Part I : How To Get Started With Email Marketing And Start Getting Referrals.

Building an email list is important because email marketing is the best and most stable choice to get instant referrals and sales into your business.

Everybody is and will be using emails in the long future.

You want to start collecting emails and start communicating with those leads (emails).

To do that you will need first an autoresponder mailing service.


Step  1 – Get an autoresponder service to start mailing your list.


We are using Aweber as an Autoresponder Mailing Service.

You can set up ready follow-ups emails for the first days or weeks that someone sign up to your landing page (which we will see in the next step) and also broadcast emails which are one-time send regular emails.

We recommend using Get Response so the first step is to create your Get-Response Account.

You can get a free 30 Days Free Trial if you create your account today.

After you create your account go to your back-office and go though it.

There is also a live chat support to help you with everything you need to know.


Step 2 – Start creating high-converting landing pages.


After you set-up your Aweber account you now need to use a landing page service to start collecting leads.

There are a lot of services here but after doing a lot of testing we highly recommend using Clickfunnels.

The first step again is to create your Clickfunnels account. (Click here to get a free 14-Day Trial)

Clickfunnels provides high-converting landing page templates for every occasion.

Actually Clickfunnels provides something way more than just a landing page.

Using Clickfunnels you will be able to create from Websites,Optin-Pages, Lead Magnet Pages to Webinars and all kind of funnels.

Plus after you create your account you can ask us to send you 2 high-converting customized landing pages to load in your Clickfunnels account and start using them.


Step 3 – Track ALL analytics so you can optimize on the way


The 3rd step is to start tracking all the analytics (clicks, opt-in rates, sales ) so you can then optimize.

For example if you get 200 clicks in your landing page but only 10 leads then you know that your landing page needs optimization.

For tracking analytics we recommend using Clickmagick.

We have been using Clickmagick since the beginning of my online marketing career and never let me down.

Again create your account today and you can get a Free Trial to test it out.

There are lots of tutorials inside on how to use it or you can search in YouTube and you will find lots of tutorials.


Step 3 – Read our Email Marketing Blog Posts


Click here to read more email marketing articles from our Blog.


Our Advice


Our thought and advice is to start building your list right now and keep growing it.

Learn how to share stories and write email and  of course keep being consistent.

I hope you found some value in this article on how to get started with online marketing and start building your list.

Part II will be up soon.

Michael Porke

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