Today I’m going to be breaking down a very effective method you can use to make money with facebook. This doesn’t involve spending any money on ads or boosting posts, and all you need is your own personal facebook page. So lets get stuck into it!!



When I first started out online I used this facebook method to generate anything from $100-$500 per day. Anybody can do this. All it requires is 1-2 hours per day following the methods that I’m going to be showing you.


Step 1 – Create the Perfect Profile

Before you can make money with facebook, you need to make sure it is attractive to your target audience. It needs to look professional and attractive. As I’m in the “make money online” niche I want my profile to be attractive to people who want to learn how to make money online. That means you need a good profile picture and a nice banner that tells people who you are and what you do. People who are interested in buying something from you are first going to check out your profile, so you don’t want a picture of your cat as your profile pic.

Take a look at my own profile below. You can use to create really nice banners for your facebook profile for free. This will be your first important step in order to make money with facebook.


Step 2 – Grow your audience

Knowing that Facebook has 1.7 billion active users monthly, it is imperative to utilize the platform strategically to your advantage.

You agree with me that if you were to have your piece of that big pie as your leads, your online business would be great. Right?

On Facebook, you can have a maximum of 5000 friends and an unlimited amount of followers.

That audience needs to be highly targeted, meaning that people in your friends list have to be in your industry. So no family and no friends on there! This is why I highly recommend to have a Facebook profile that is only intended for business, and that you keep your personal profile separate.


As you can see in the picture above, I was a little under 1,500 friends and those are all people that are in business in the same industry that I’m in.

Comparing this to list building for example, that would be an email list of 1,500 leads, and you get to build it for FREE!

Can you imagine that?

Now not all of them will hop on an opportunity, buy products or take on services but if only 1% of them converted, it would be 15 people of the 1,500! Now imagine owning a product that sells for $1000 a pop… You do the math!

Your network is your networth, and the same principle applies on Facebook if done right. In order to really make money with facebook, you need to select the correct kinds of people to “friend” that would be interested in what you have to offer. 

Step 3 – Posting on your profile

One word that you are going to want to remember for this method is: consistency.

If you keep growing your audience and post consistently (3-4 times a day) on your wall, you will start turning your cold leads (friends on Facebook) into hot leads and you inevitably start to make money with facebook. 

When posting, follow the R.V.L. model: results, value and lifestyle.

Results can be yours or someone else’s (ex. when you don’t have results yet, leverage the story of someone in your same opportunity that is doing great). Value includes: quotes, how to’s, comedy, tips, etc. And for Lifestyle: it’s just you doing stuff with your family, selfies, food that you like and so on… You get the point. People like to see that you’re also human and that you do regular stuff too!

Now the way your friends on Facebook become hotter leads is when they engage with what you post (comments and likes).

The priority goes first on the people that comment on the post (hot leads), and then to the folks that ‘like’ it (medium hot leads). So you would simply reach out the commenters first, and the likers second.

As you can see in the picture below, that was a ‘result’ post with a call-to-action, and whoever commented and liked it were all hotter LEADS!!


Step 4 – The Power Of Videos On Facebook

Videos, if you are running an online business today, videos are extremely POWERFUL to use to build trust with your audience fast!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos are worth a million pictures! So video posts have a bigger impact when putting your message across.

You can upload pre-recorded videos to share valuable content, tutorials, tips, a day in your life footage or even what you have to offer (still following the RVL model, as seen in Method #2)!

But what gives it MORE punch is… doing LIVE Facebook videos!!

Most will underestimate this but if you can master them, it will be GOLDEN for you and your business.


As you can see in the screenshot above, I did a live video to announce a webinar I was about to run 2 days prior, and I got a great amount of views on it, 21 likes and 13 live comments, which are people that took action on my call-to-action within the video so they could register. I reached out to them individually and shared the link on a private message. Those were ALL leads for my webinar and I didn’t pay a DIME for them which allows me to easily make money with facebook. 

Step 5 – Be Social On Fan Pages

If you don’t have a large following or audience on Facebook, just know that there are other people that do.

You can easily leverage off of top earners or highly influential people in the online industry to build your friends list to then get leads and make money with facebook. 

All you have to do is to simply use the main search bar on Facebook, input the name of the top earner/influencer (ex. Gary Vaynerchuck, Tai Lopez, Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Higdon, etc) and look for their fan page! Most of the time they will have at least 150,000 fans that liked their page, and you will find a lot of engagements on the posts in there.

Then, find a post on the page that you like and that resonates with you, ‘like’ it (preferably with a reaction to it) and then comment on it!

Don’t just put ‘Oh wow nice post’ and call it a day… You must write something that inspires, gives out value and positions you as a leader among the other likers and commenters on that same post.

Do that on 4-5 fan pages every day, and you will get a good amount of likes on your comments if they are great. And guess what… Those will all be YOUR leads!!

Step 6 – Posting In Free Groups

Can’t forget about posting in groups. But, most people are doing it the WRONG way!

I bet that your last post in a group may have been something like: “I have the greatest opportunity on planet earth, you can make big money with it and you can join here → your link”… Sounds familiar right?

Now here’s the number one thing that I would suggest if you want to use this method: DO NOT PUT ANY LINKS IN YOUR POSTS.

Focus on providing value or share a story around some results! With the amount of people that you can find in the free groups within the industry (3000 people and up to even 100,000), you have to find a way to stand out through the noise!

Also include these call to actions on your posts to get engagement: ‘shoot me a private message’, ‘send me a friend request’ or ‘comment WORD-OF-YOUR-CHOICE below’.

This way, if you get engagement on your calls to action… YOU START TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK!!! Just keep in mind that the people that comment are the ones to go and reach out first, and then the ones that ‘like’ your post are second (referring back to Method #2)!



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