Net neutrality…What is it?


Why is it changing and will it be the end of making lots of money online for the little guy?

Everybody’s talking about Net Neutrality right now, especially affiliate marketers like us who are worried that this repeal is going to crush our businesses.

So what is Net Neutrality, and do the changes mean that you can’t start making money online?

Net Neutrality is basically what we all enjoy today. All content, traffic, websites etc are treated equally in terms of what is shown and how fast they load etc. We have the freedom to pick and choose what we consume on the internet.

The proposed repeal of net neutrality would mean that ISP’s or Internet Service Providers could pick and choose what kind of content gets shown to its users (me & you).

So instead of the internet being a free market of ideas, it will be more of a controlled environment where only those with the deepest pockets get to have their content or ads shown.

Does that mean you shouldn’t start in affiliate marketing?


Absolutely not. If you’re on this channel, it’s because you’re interested in learning how to create your own online business.

Maybe you haven’t decided you’re going to do it yet.

And now the whole issue of net neutrality is just one more reason for you not to start changing your life Net neutrality won’t make a difference. They’ve tried it in Europe before and it failed miserably.

The reason being, that as soon as internet providers start blocking or slowing down content a new internet provider pops up that doesn’t block anything.

People then flood to that provider because they want unrestricted access and the free market wins.

So, don’t let net neutrality be the reason you don’t decide to try online marketing. It’s just another excuse.

Online marketing is an $8 billion dollar industry and it’s only getting bigger and bigger.

We’re living in a time where ANYBODY, no matter your age, race, social background, finances, gender, sexual orientation or education can earn more money than a bluechip CEO online.

Net Neutrality is not going to stop that.


So if you have an online business, don’t let it worry you…….and if you’re thinking of getting started online don’t let it stop you.

So what do you think?

Do you agree with the thoughts on net neutrality? Or do you disagree, let us know in the comments.

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